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Toshiba Steam Oven

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Experience the convenience and precision of professional cooking with the Toshiba Steam Oven – where innovative steam technology meets superior performance.

Available at: Hamrun, San Pawl il-Bahar, Zabbar

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Direct Steam Injection

Direct and powerful steam is generated in about 30 seconds, which cooks food thoroughly while preserving internal moisture and flavor.

3 Steaming Modes

H-Steam: Quick Steaming (100°C)

+Steam food quickly with high power to keep the original flavor
+Suitable for seafood, vegetables and quick-frozen food
+Maximum setting time: 1 hour

M-Steam: Pure Steaming (35-100°C)

+Simulate cooking on the stove with accurate fire power
+Suitable for meat, steamed eggs and buns
+Maximum setting time: 2 hours

L-Steam: Slow Steaming (35-100°C)

+Stew food with slow fire
+Suitable for slow cooking and stewing meat/soup.
+Maximum setting time: 5 hours

Convection Baking

In order to spread heat evenly, so that food is baked in a golden color, a convection fan is put on the baking of the cavity. Great for creating bread, cakes, and other baked goods.

More Space For The Food, and The Kitchen

20L big volume cavity packs in a compact body.


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