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Trust GXT 863

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Mazz Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – 24348

  • Mechanical red switches with a linear feel and fast response time
  • The switches will last up to 50 million keystrokes
  •  N-key rollover prevents keystrokes from not being registered
  • Game Mode disables the Windows key to keep you in the game

Available at: Hamrun, San Pawl il-Bahar, Zabbar

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The mechanical Outemu RED switches are designed to be extremely quick and responsive. With a minimum actuation force of 30G (50G max) and the actuation point of only 2mm (4mm total travel), this keyboard registers your input before you even realize you’re pressing a button. They have a linear feel and will last up to 50 million key presses!

Equipped with full N-key rollover. Thanks to anti-ghosting, every button press is registered and no command will go unnoticed. By enabling the gaming mode, the Windows key is disabled, this makes sure you won’t get kicked out of your game when you accidentally press the Windows key.

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