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Tower Microwave

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20L – T24021BS

Featuring 5 power levels, a defrost function, and a 60-minute digital timer, you can schedule the accurate cooking period and temperature setting to suit your chosen meal. The 800W output allows you to cook, reheat and defrost your food within minutes, with a 20-liter cooking capacity suitable for small food portions as well as family meal preparations.

Available at: Hamrun, San Pawl il-Bahar

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With six power levels including a defrost function, you can cook, reheat, or even cook straight from frozen with a simple selection of dial control.

Digital Timer

With a 20 liter capacity and a 60-minute digital timer, this microwave turns small dishes and family meal portions into delicious and accurately cooked results to suit your chosen meal’s cooking period.

Sparkling Glitz Design

Embellished with black color-coated Glitz detailing across the exterior housing, this digital microwave creates an instant pop of glamour to feature in your kitchen.

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