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Russell Hobbs Sandwich Maker

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4 Slice – 24550

If you love delicious toasted sandwiches, you’ll love this easy-to-use Russell Hobbs toastie maker. This handy and quick-to-use appliance features deep fill plates for extra tasty toasties every time. If your short on space the Russell Hobbs 4 Portion Deep Fill Sandwich Maker has a stand upright feature and handles with a locking clip meaning you can store it away vertically for ease

Available at: Hamrun, San Pawl il-Bahar, Zabbar

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Deep-Filled Plates

The deep plates of this sandwich maker provide enough space to pack your 4 sandwiches full of a whole range of delicious ingredients. You can make a ham and cheese toastie with a crispy brown texture in no time.

Easy to Clean

Each plate features a non-stick coating, which helps reduce the need for large quantities of oil, as well as making the plates much easier to clean off any excess food debris.

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