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Remington Beard Trimmer

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T-Series Ultimate Precision Trimmer

The T-Series Ultimate Precision Trimmer is fantastic if you want to achieve exact edging, fine detailing, and close trimming on your beard, neck, and hairline. The improved cut-away neck provides you better visibility, and the changeable T-blade guarantees consistent, close-cutting trimming for assured and in-control styling.

Available at: Hamrun, San Pawl il-Bahar, Zabbar

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Ultimate Visibility & Control

The T-Series Ultimate Precision Trimmer’s modified cut-away neck design gives you extra visibility. Get a clear view of every trimming angle for improved precision and control whilst you trim.

Skin-Close Results

The 30mm T-Blade will give you Skin-Close Results; cutting through all hair types down to just 0.4mm – so you can nail all the latest trends of close detailing and tight fades.

Precision Cutting Attachments

The T-Series includes 8 additional versatile attachments, so you have everything you need to sculpt and maintain your beard, neck and hairline, with professional results.

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