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Philips OneBlade Pro Beard Trimmer

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OneBlade Technology

The Philips OneBlade shaves, trims, and finishes hair of any length and is designed for facial styling and body care. It provides a simple and comfortable shave thanks to the smooth finish and rounded tips.

Available at: San Pawl il-Bahar

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Perfect Fit

Trim your beard to the length you desire. The Philips OneBlade comes with a precision comb with 12 lengths that can be used to create everything from a day’s beard to precise trimming to a lengthier beard style.

Precise Finishing

The dual-direction cutting blade allows you to see all of the hairs you’re cutting, allowing you to cut precise lines in seconds.

Create Precise Edges and Defined Lines

The OneBlade follows the contours of the face, allowing you to trim and shave any part of the face effectively and gently. By moving the blade in any direction, you may refine the contours of your face and create defined lines, depending on the style you choose.

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