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Philips Beard Shaver

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Glides over your skin for a smooth and even finish

Your skin is shaved cleanly and comfortably using the Philips razor. With its 27 PowerCut blades, it consistently provides a smooth and uniform shave by cutting each hair just above the skin’s surface.

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40 minutes of cordless shaving from an 8 hour charge

Shave cordlessly for up to 40 minutes after an 8 hour charge. Or shave with the power cord plugged in when the battery is empty.

One-Touch Open For Easy Cleaning

You can easily clean your electric razor by pressing a button. Simply open the shaver head and give it a quick water cleaning.

PowerCut Blades are engineered for a consistent clean shave

Experience consistent shaving results with self-sharpening blades that are precision-engineered for a convenient clean shave.

Designed for optimum handling

Handle your Philips shaver with confidence thanks to an ergonomic design created for optimum grip.

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