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LG WiFi Air Conditioner

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9,000BTU – S09ET

Wi-Fi & Voice Control with Google Assistant.

With a simple voice command using Google Assistant, or a tap on your phone using the LG ThinQ app, you can control and access your LG DUAL Inverter air conditioner remotely with maximum convenience. Your life becomes simpler, smarter, and more comfortable.

*Price excluding installation. Installation Price: €140+VAT (Up to 4 meters of copper pipe)

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Wi-Fi Control

Using the LG ThinQ app (available on iOS and Android), you can remotely access your LG Air conditioner, both at home and away from home, with maximum convenience. Your life becomes simpler, smarter, and more comfortable.

Voice Control.

With the compatibility of the LG ThinQ app with Google Assistant, you can control your LG DUAL Inverter air conditioner using simple voice commands. You can turn the air conditioner on or off, adjust the temperature, and change the operating mode.

Faster cooling, more comfort.

Refresh the environment faster and more comfortably with the LG DUAL Inverter™ compressor.

Save on energy bills. Save the planet.

The LG Dual Inverter compressor reduces your energy consumption and cost of electricity bills with a more efficient cooling technology.

Thanks to dual inverter technology, LG air conditioners have a wider frequency range than air conditioners using conventional inverter technology. It allows LG air conditioners to vary the frequency between 10Hz and 120Hz, therefore the compressor can go slower, while saving more on electricity, and faster which makes the air conditioner more efficient in reaching the desired temperature.

Less noise. More comfort.

Sleep soundly and undisturbed with a less noisy air conditioner.

Active Energy Control.

The Active Energy Control function allows you to control the energy consumption with 4 levels 40%, 60%, 80%, or 100% efficiency, according to your needs and activity in the room.

Monitor Consumption

The LG Dual Inverter air conditioner allows you to monitor your energy consumption via the smart energy display. By pressing the “Energy Ctrl” button for 3 seconds, the smart display on the indoor unit will display the consumption in kW during the operation.

Monitor your consumption using ThinQ app.

Using the LG ThinQ app, you can also monitor the operation time and how much energy you consumed per day, week, and month directly on your phone.

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