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Beko Tumble Dryer

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8kg DRX823N

Eco Gentle

Perfect drying, colours that are always alive, you’ve always worn clothes of all colours but your wardrobe is now a mix of faded pastels. What happened? All the fault of the dryer. But now there is Eco Gentle, the technology that does not alter the colors of clothes with its innovative drying. Condensation drying combines with an air conditioning system to gently treat clothes and have a more energy efficient dryer.

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EcoGentle ™

EcoGentle TM technology, a cutting-edge drying method that preserves the colors of clothing. Combining condensation drying with air conditioning allows for a dryer that uses less energy while yet providing gentle treatment for the garments.

AquaWave® basket

The AquaWave® system handles the clothing more softly, resulting in better drying, thanks to the curved glass of the door and the unique wave motion created by the blades inside the drum.

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