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Beko Tumble Dryer

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8kg DRY833CI

ProSmart Inverter Motor

High efficiency, longer life, less noise. Don’t get stressed out about your energy bill or get a headache every time you have to dry your clothes. Thanks to its brushless motor design, ProSmart offers high energy efficiency, reduced noise levels and longer life, all in one solution. So you will get the most out of your dryer, without affecting your monthly budget and in total peace of mind.

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ProSmart ™ Inverter Motor

Avoid stressing about your energy costs and suffering from headaches every time you need to dry your garments. ProSmart TM provides exceptional energy economy, decreased noise levels, and extended life in one package thanks to the brushless motor design. In this way, you may maximize the use of your dryer while maintaining financial stability and complete piece of mind.

EcoGentle ™

EcoGentle TM technology, a cutting-edge drying method that preserves the colors of clothing. Combining condensation drying with air conditioning allows for a dryer that uses less energy while yet providing gentle treatment for the garments.

AquaWave® basket

The AquaWave® system handles the clothing more softly, resulting in better drying, thanks to the curved glass of the door and the unique wave motion created by the blades inside the drum.

Silent program

Running the dryer with your infant in bed is a losing strategy since either he will wake up or you won’t have time to finish drying the laundry. Or that’s how it used to be. You and your family can enjoy a restful night’s sleep while the dryer is running thanks to the Quiet Program.

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