Ariston 80Lt Electric Water Heater - LYDOS PLUS 80V

High-Quality Titanium enamelled Inner Tank
Oversized Magnesium Anode
Double safety thermostat
External Temperature Regulation
Manual & Precise Temperature Setting
5-Bolt Flange
Soft Touch Display
Holiday Mode
Remaining Heating Time
WaterPlus Technology: up to 16% more hot water available
Programming Function (P1 & P2)
ECO EVO Function powered by CoreTECH: up to 14% energy saving
Shower Ready icon showing first shower availability
Absolute safety system - 4 functions to preserve the good functioning of the product (Anti Overheating, Anti Freezing, Dry Heating auto-diagnosis, Anti Legionella)
Vertical Installation
Premium and robust environmental-friendly insulation material
Power: 1,800W
Temperature Change of 45° - 2Hr 11min
Energy Class: B

Programming Function (P1 & P2)
The programming function allows the user to have hot water exactly at the time s/he needs it where the user may set up to 2 different timers. The water heater itself calculates backwards the heating start time so that at the set time the tank will be full of hot water and ready to be used.

Holiday Mode
The product goes into sleeping mode, so it doesn't heat the water daily as it would do normally. Furthermore, it saves previously set parameters (hot water when you return home and energy saving)

Remaining Heating Time
Live information about waiting time to reach the set temperature is shown on the display.

Thermal Disinfection Cycle (Anti-Legionella)
The anti-legionella function is activated by default. It consists of heating/maintenance cycle of the water at 60°C for 1hr so as to carry out thermal disinfection against the relevant bacteria. If the product always works at a temperature below 55°C, the cycle is repeated after 30 days. When the product is off, the anti-legionella function is not active.

WaterPlus Technology
The ground-breaking patented WaterPlus technology keeps the incoming cold water at the bottom of the tank, thus reducing the mix of cold and stored hot water. This allows up to 16% more hot water available, to let you enjoy the comfort of an extra hot shower anytime you want.

ECO EVO Function 
The "ECO EVO" function consists of a self-learning software applied to user consumption that allows for minimising heat dispersal and maximising energy saving. The "ECO EVO" software runs an initial one-week learning period, during which the product starts recording the user's energy requirements. From the second week onwards, the learning phase continues in order to understand the user's needs ore thoroughly and the product adapts the temperature every hour to the energy requirements. The "ECO EVO" software activates water heating in the time and quantity determined automatically by the product itself, based on the user's consumption. During periods of the day in which no withdrawals are planned, the product nonetheless guarantees a reserve supply of hot water.

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Ariston 80Lt Electric Water Heater - LYDOS PLUS 80V

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