Ariston 80Lt Hybrid Water Heater - Lydos Hybrid 80

Titanium Enamelled Steel Boiler
Environmentally friendly gas R134A
Operating range in heat pump mode with air temperatures from 12°C to 40°C
Condenser is wrapped around the boiler (not immersed in water)
Indoor Sound Power Level: 49 dB(A)
Active Anode + Magnesium Anode
LCD Display
Indoor Vertical Installation
Max temperature obtained using the heat pump mode: 53°C (in Factory Setting mode)
Max temperature obtained using the heating element: 75°C (in Factory Setting mode)
Modes: i-Memory, Program, Green and Boost
Anti-Legionella / Bacterial Function
Heating Time to reach 53°C using Heat Pump - 9Hr 21min (with an external air temperature of 20°C, relative humidity at 37%, Inlet Water Temperature of 10°C
Heating Element Power: 1200W
Energy Class: A

Anti-Legionella/Bacteria Function
If activated, the water heater automatically carries out the anti-legionella disease protection function. The water is heated to a temperature of 65°C on a monthly basis for a maximum time of 15 minutes, so as to avoid germs from developing in the water tank and piping. The first heating cycle is performed 3 days after the function has been activated.

This function is designed to optimise energy consumption and maximise comfort by monitoring the hot water needs of the user and the optimised use of the heat pump and the electrical heating element. The algorithm guarantees the need is met each day by proposing the average of the profiles detected over the previous 4 weeks. In the first week of acquisition, the set point temperature entered by the user remains constant while from the second week onwards, the algorithm will automatically adjust the set point temperature to ensure daily needs are met.  

Boost Mode
The water heater simultaneously uses the heat pump and heating element to reach the desired temperature in the shortest possible time. Once the temperature is reached, the system returns to the previous operating mode.

Green Mode
The water heater will use the heat pump, thereby ensuring maximum energy saving! The temperature set point varies between 40°C and 53°C. The temperature setting is achieved without the use of the electrical heating element which only activates during the operation of an anti-legionella cycle, antifreeze, ambient temperatures outside operating temperatures or heat pump faults.

Programming Function
This function is to be activated through the installer menu. The two programs P1 and P2 may act either individually or in combination with each other during the day. The device will be able to activate the heating phase to reach the selected temperature set in the timetable, giving priority to heating using the heat pump and if necessary it uses the heating element.

Condensation Warning 
The hybrid electric water heater has a tank (accessory - sold separately) which is useful for collecting water condensation when a conduit connected to the drain is not available. the capacity of the condensation collection tank is 6.3 litres. The fill level can be viewed via the grade level indicator located on the front. If the tank is full, a symbol will be displayed and the water heater will activate the heating element to heat the water.

The price includes the price for the appliance, hydraulic non-return safety valve, installation and 2 yearly maintenance services where during each maintenance service, the Service Engineer will perform a cleaning service of the evaporator to remove any dust or obstructions, replacement of the Magnesium Anode, cleaning of the heating element from any limescale that forms over time, ensure the grill is perfectly clean and make sure that the condensate drain pipe is not obstructed.

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Ariston 80Lt Hybrid Water Heater - Lydos Hybrid 80

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