Ariston Dehumidifier DEOS50


The Ariston DEOS 50 deodorizer thanks to its functions, such as turbocharger, anti-mold, drain pump and filter cleaning, is the perfect blend of efficiency and convenience.

Ariston's new Ariston DEOS 50 Deodorizer helps lower the humidity of the air in the room, making each room more healthier and more comfortable. 
Excessive moisture or a too dry climate are, for other reasons, harmful to the human organism, so it is to be avoided.

In addition to the atmospheric and natural causes, in indoor environments, air humidity may increase for other reasons, for example depending on the number of persons present or for the activities being carried out (cooking, ironing, etc.) : The use of the dehumidifier allows easy control of the humidity level while keeping it constant.

The Ariston DEOS 50 Deodorizer is distinguished for ease of use, reduced size and absolute silence, as well as its many functions. With Ariston dehumidifiers, the humidity control of the environment is even simpler and more accurate thanks to electronic control.

The Ariston DEOS 50 Deodorizer is also used for hygienic reasons, as too high a moisture leads to mold formation, which can also pose risks to human health.

The Ariston DEOS 50 Deodorizer available in white color allows to collect up to 50 liters / day with a power of less than 790 watts; 
In addition, the DEOS 50 is ultra-compact, in fact it is tall only 61.6 cm deep 28.2 cm and wide 39.2 and a very small weight of 20 kg.

DEOS 50 is recommended for use in a room of up to 116 sqm

Product features: 


Increases airflow to allow you to quickly reach the set humidity conditions.


The function maximizes the dehumidification capacity by increasing the ventilation speed, making the product indicated in particularly humid environments such as laundry rooms.


The function sets the relative humidity automatically to maintain maximum perceived comfort and at the same time to create an environment that creates mold and bacteria.


It ispossible to bypass the water tank by diverting the condensate drain to any other water collection point using the integrated drain pump


Function that signals the need for filter cleaning to ensure optimum air flow by preventing the formation of molds and bacteria.


Eliminates bad smells and volatile organic compounds


Allows you to turn on and / or turn off the dehumidifier at the desired time.


Dehumidification Rate - 50L/24Hr

Power - 786W

Noise Level - 45 dB(a)

Working temperature - 5/35 degree

Water tank capacity - 6 Litre

Maximum Air Flow - 210m3/h




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Ariston Dehumidifier DEOS50

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